Takenami Akira
@@@@@@@@@Writer/Haikupoet/Movie creator/Photographer/
@@@@@@@@@@@A part-time lecturer of movie of Tokyo Zokei University

Born in Tokyo Japan in 1960

Graduated Kunitatsi municipal high school in 1979

Graduated Tokyo Zokei University majored visual image in 1984


@gOrchid prizeh for Haiku annual on gConcept for Musich@in 1993

@gHirama Itaru photograph excellent prizeh for gShining Island Sri Lankah@in 2003

@gHirama Itaru photograph humming-bird prizeh for gFlower cradreh@in 2004

@gPresident of Bungeisha Visual Art prizeh for gBeside the Smile ` Cambodia`h@in 2006


@An anthology of haiku gConcept for Musich iKashinshaj in 1996

@An anthology of photo haiku gFlower cradleh iShinpushaj in 2005

@An anthology of haiku ~ photo gDinosaur ~ Venus 17charactersh iBungeisha Visual Artj in 2006

@Photograph collections

@gShining Island Sri Lankah iShinpushaj in 2003

@gMessage from Floatringh iShinpushaj in 2004

@gNOLA, the kittens which never let you touch ith iShinpushaj in 2006

@gThe Golden Lizard |Bali Java|h iShinpusha 2006j in 2006

@gBeside the Smile `Cambodia` h iBungeisha Visual Artj in 2007


YURIE19pills of starh in 2003

@g0n the Hill in the Water Palaceh
in 2003

@gAn Autumn Floatringh in 2003

@gThe Next roomh in 20056

@gMoon dolphinh in 20067

Stage Director

@gDream of Everyoneh by Ookinaki MUSIC SPACE iYomiuri Culture Centerj in 20034

@gBaton on Paradeh by BATON association of universities in Tokyo
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ iKAMEARI LIRIO HALLj in 2005
@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@iBig Plaza hall of the inhabitants of Ohta wardj in 2006

@gMILKYTAINMENT2h by MAKUHARI MILKY TWIRLERS iCultural hall of Urayasu cityj in 2007

@gHAVE A ROSY TIMEh by Rosy Twirlers iNational Olympics Memorial Youth Centerj in 2008

gDeliverh from gFlower cradleh